The first photo of any importance recalled by Doug occurred at his aunt's wedding in the Ruth home when he was 10. As the "official" wedding photographer armed with his Brownie Haweye and a few flashbulbs, his job was to record the momentous occasion. While the pictures were fine, he was disappointed that the wedding kiss did not last long enough and that his picture missed the critical moment by one second and four inches.

A summer in Europe as a college student rekindled Doug's interest in photography and it has been a hobby ever since. The subjects for many of his photos have been found during family travels, but his real challenge is to find subjects close to home.

Doug and his wife Connie are the parents of three adult children. He has been an attorney in Owatonna for many years and has been active in community and church activities.

A course in art history in college, and wandering around art exhibits, provide some background for Doug's interest in the type of photography he does. Other than those experiences, he has had no formal training. Like many photographers, a good deal of his education came from roll upon roll of wasted film.

Doug's favorite subjects tend to be fairly abstract bits of color and design, compositions of things often missed visually in the hustle of daily life.


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