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Dub Guru:

Dub Guru is Blue Flame’s proprietary in house web application that allows unprecedented efficiency, control, and interaction with the customization and dubbing process. All of our clients get their very own portal to access Dub Guru. From this portal you can:

-          Check on daily orders in progress

-          Check your order history

-          Access traffic instructions

-          Track your packages

-          View the spots you have at our facility

Placing Orders:

Placing orders with Blue Flame Studios is extremely easy, in fact, if you can fill out an excel spreadsheet you can submit an order. All clients that are registered with Dub Guru have the luxury of automated dub entry. This system was created in house as an extension to Dub Guru and minimizes the paperwork usually associated with the submission and processing of dub orders. Once your orders have been processed our dub team will e-mail your traffic instructions back to you, with your letterhead, and tracking numbers to forward on to your stations.

Order Deadlines:

We would like to receive most of our client’s orders by 5pm CST, but we understand media so we know that things happen. If you have orders that come in after 5pm CST, send it in and give us a call. We can usually work something out.

Daily Updates:

At the end of every business day, our dub team sends out e-mail updates to our clients that let them see what orders have been completed and what orders may still be pending. All you have to do is indicate who in the company needs to be receiving the updates and only they will be receiving the information. If a client does not happen to send in any orders on a given day, there will be no update sent out unless there are orders pending.

Blue is Green (The added benefits of Dub Guru):

Everyone these days is talking about being green and carbon footprints. At Blue Flame Studios being cognizant of our impact on the world around us has always been part of our daily operations. Dub Guru and our automated dub processing system have effectively reduced our paper consumption by 80%, and we are always using recycled materials wherever possible, as well as recycling excesses we produce to reduce our overall carbon footprint.