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When a flame burns blue, it lacks any impurities. It is the embodiment of efficiency. That’s what we try to do with a client’s project at Blue Flame Studios. Eliminate all impurities like unnecessary costs, sub-par design and planning, and the usual inefficiencies that you find with most productions. Our work is about delivering beyond what the client thought was possible from concept to distribution, through all of our technical and creative abilities.


Blue Flame also benefits from its location in the highly creative and energetic environment emanating from its location in Austin, Texas. The talent pool we draw from allows us to assess each project with the creativity and technical excellence found in LA or New York with a unique affordability that other markets can’t touch.


Blue Flame Studios was launched in 1994 by a team of film and video industry professionals including Charlie Anderson, who was a member of the Ampex team that invented the VTR. In 2005, Charlie Anderson, was recognized with the first ever Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Engineering for his role in developing the VTR.